Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Just another cloth diaper post.

It really is addictive to blog about cloth, isn’t it? I never got before why the bloggers I follow who used cloth blogged about diapers so often, but I now totally get it. It’s like, you see how awesome they are, and you just feel compelled to share the wonderful news with everyone.

(Mason saying “good morning!” after waking from his morning nap)

I have two reasons to share a cloth post today.

The first, is well, um, ewwww. If reading about poop or pee squees you out feel free to skip.

Last night Mason went to bed early, about 6:30 early. I had just thrown all his dirty diapers – including cover – in the wash a little before. They were still washing and he was in the rare at home disposable. We’ve gone to cloth 100% at home, even nights, since he started sleeping through the night. Nights in disposables were making mornings filled with pee and poop. We found one of his fitteds with with a prefold under a Thirsties cover worked wonders and kept everything where it should be. Anyway, it wasn’t until I was going to bed that I realized that a. he was in a disposable and b. I never took the diapers out of the wash. I grabbed 2 disposables for night time changing (in hopes that I could change him without waking him) and prayed they would do.

One, he didn’t sleep. And two, the disposable were an epic fail.

He talked – very loudly – almost all night long. He woke not long after I got in bed so I moved him to the bed with me and prepared to nurse him back to sleep. (I changed him first – pee bomb #1) He just didn’t want to go back to sleep. He talked and talked and talked. And if we didn’t respond he talked louder and louder and louder until he was yelling – in a happy way mind you – and flailing about. At about 3 we gave up. We changed him again (disposable pee bomb #2 – because John never started the dryer like he said he would…) and just stuck him in his bed where he happily switched his attentions to the frog on the wall over his bed, not that we ended up getting much sleep that way either. At 7 John came in to wake me up since him and the boys were leaving. He looked in at Mason and said “Oh ****….” which Mason and his blankets and his bed were covered in. Mason apparently had pee bomb #3 AND a poopy blow out. His bed was covered in murky yellow liquid. It was gross. And took  f o r e v e r  to clean.

Moral of story – never let all diaper covers be wet in the wash at once, and if so, remember you have those busted and shot gdiaper covers you can put him in instead. (Which is what he went straight into once he was all bathed and clean and he napped in while his diapers finally went in the dryer.)

REASON #2 – In case you skipped the poop and pee reason.

A comparison of 48 hours of cloth to disposables. I showed the exact amount comparison, but don’t forget to mentally add 2-4 more disposable diapers for night time changes.


That’s diapers I don’t have to re-buy. Just for TWO days.

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  1. LOVE this post! I use sposies at night.. but think I'll be making the swich as soon as I can find some Sbish dipes (heard they are the best for overnight!)