Monday, August 20, 2012

After the Games

The week before last I blogged about stressing about some digital scrapbooking competition I was participating in. Well, this past Saturday it officially and completely wrapped up and the winners were announced. No, I did not win anything, but that’s OK.

Some people got upset when the finalists, and then winners, were announced. Some felt they should have been picked, some felt other people should have been picked. Some, bless them, even felt a little sad for me for not getting picked. ((I love you all my friends, and thank you for your belief in my abilities.))

I had no issues with not getting picked. As I posted on Facebook when I saw who the finalists were…

“One tiny part of me is sad that none of my pages made it to the polls, but the overwhelming majority of me is just relieved to not have that to stress on anymore.’

And that’s still true and still my feelings.

More than anything else, I am just so happy for all my friends who did win. I am so proud of them all for getting in the polls. I’m glad that I got to know my partner, and fellow Polly, Christine more as we chatted about our entries. I really like most of my pages, though I will admit there are two I’m honestly not too crazy about. But that’s OK also. One of the great things about digital scrapbooking is being able to easily re-scrap pictures/events.

Here were my entries.
(Click images for the credits + Click here to see mine and Christine’s final page together)

To wrap this up, overall, I am so glad to have participated in this. Once I moved past the stress I had fun and enjoyed being pushed. I’ll be the first accept that I don’t follow directions well when it comes to creating my pages, so six challenges that basically all required following a set recipe drove me crazy and pushed me. I loved seeing how so many people could take those directions and create so many wonderful and unique pages out of them. It was just a great experience, and I’m so glad to have been a part of it.

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