Sunday, October 5, 2014

The baking of Pollywog #5

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I feel like I announced Baby #5 and then just sort of left you all hanging. I mean, I'm in the final stretch of this pregnancy and this is only the second mention of it on the blog. And to think, I was actually worried when I announced the pregnancy on the blog that all of my posts would turn into pregnancy posts.

So, here is what you have missed in the baking of Pollywog #5:

For months (even up until a week ago) people have still been asking me if I'm pregnant, or acted shocked when I have mentioned things that deal with me being pregnant. What drives me crazy is when people I see once or twice every week at church still seem surprised. I've taken to using the rude approach and telling them that no, I am just getting incredibly fat.

On the opposite (I guess... ) side of it is how crazy I was getting about the twins comments. It seemed like every week when I would post my updated bump shots one or more people would comment on how it MUST be twins. Or was I sure that it was really JUST one. Plus all of the people who would actually comment to my face about how huge I was getting so early. It was making me livid. I mean how rude can you possibly be to keep insisting that, basically, someone is looking so fat that they can't possibly be having just one baby. Finally one Wednesday I just blew up on Facebook and posted a long and very angry rant saying that I would unfriend and block the next person to make a twin comment. To that day no one has made one since.

Around 20/24 weeks I made my doctor super nervous. I mentioned to him how I was already having a lot of trouble with swelling, dizziness, trouble breathing, and exhaustion. He then decided that instead of waiting for the usual glucose test time that we'd move it up to the next appointment. I failed it. It was my first time to actually fail the stupid thing, with all of the others I only barely managed to pass it. I went back a week later for my three hour test, which I did thankfully pass. I have no idea how well or semi-well I did though since I swore the nurse not to give me specifics just pass or not pass. The general consensus between John and my family though is that I must have just barely passed since there is now a whole slew of foods and things that make me incredibly sick feeling when I eat them. (Case in point - donuts - they make me want to pass out from dizziness.) So I still have to stick to a stupid diet even though I passed my three hour test.

It was a little before this that we supremely angered many of our friends and family. We informed them that we aren't finding out Baby's gender. We'd actually been telling them this since we found out about the pregnancy, but I guess everyone expected us to change our minds... ? Who knows. But we held firm. We took Bella to our big ultrasound at about 21 weeks where the very first thing we said when we went into the room was that we absolutely do NOT want to find out baby's gender. Turns out, much to everyone's dismay, we wouldn't have been finding out Baby's gender anyway. Baby was very stubbornly covering his/her goods the entire time, the technician was actually really glad that we weren't finding out so that she didn't have to feel bad about not being able to tell us. 

In that same vein, we've also made everyone angry by not sharing any of our names that we have picked out to use for Baby. The girl first name has been picked since the beginning, the middle name recently switched out for a different name that John feels goes better with the first. The boy name that I had picked, that John originally loved, has been vetoed, and now we are still up in the air about names. The problem is that we've sort of used up all of the boy names that we both like, and John is dead set convinced that baby will be a girl.

At my last check up I made my doctor nervous yet again. I've been steadily having on and off again pains (Braxton Hicks) several times going in a nice steady rhythm. One night and morning it was so bad and so steady that if I hadn't already had an appointment to go in for my checkup I totally would have called the doctor about them. The doctor checked everything out and while everything is still looking good, he is worried that my body is trying to go ahead and get labor going, so I've been told that for the next month I need to take it as easy as possible to keep from going into labor. Yeah, that is totally doable being home alone with a two year old all day and then with four kids until John gets home. We won't even get int the state that my house is in...

Finally - Friday I noticed that Baby has... DROPPED.

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