Thursday, October 2, 2014

Zach's Monster

I won’t lie, Zach’s monster felt like a never-ending project. You would think the time consuming parts would have been the body or arms, because really, a 2 round stripe gets tedious. But no, I zoomed through those. The longest most time consuming parts were the legs. I got one done, but it was in his original orange that he picked, and it looked BAD. Like eww. I told him no way, he needed to pick a new color. He stuck with orange, but instead of a neon orange he went with a pumpkiny color that looks surprisingly great with the teal and neon green.

That monster sat around unstuffed and legless for a month while I did nothing to it. Just the thought of starting the legs again (after the original orange) made me think of like 20 other things that I should have been doing instead. I just could not make myself knit those legs.

Well all of the sudden it was June and Zach was wanting to know if he’d be getting his monster anytime soon. Any time he saw me knitting something else, or looking at other patterns, or talking to
Bella or Ryan about other projects he’d ask me again when I was going to finish his monster. Dude was really patient about it all, and I was starting to feel really guilty for not getting it done. The first week that our internet was out I sat down and decided I was getting this monster done and getting it done now. Or well, at least before Zach’s birthday which gave me about two weeks. Yes, two weeks just to knit two legs. Yes, I did continue to put it off.

Finally one day I sat down, started a Harry Potter marathon and gave myself that day to get the legs done. And I did. Once I sat and made myself do them I flew through the knitting. By the time I was halfway through the third movie I had not only his legs done, but his body stuffed, a piece knit up for his bottom (Zach wanted him to be able to sit), and all pieces attached.

The end monster is way bigger than Ryan’s, but then the monster pattern that Ryan picked was for a mini-monster. Zach’s is almost 15 inches long, and is the perfect cuddle size. Mason keeps trying to steal him from Zach, but I have promised him a t-rex and that seems to be keeping him happy, well, that and the fact that Zach lets him play with his monster.

Zach loves him and has added him to his collection of stuffed animals that he sleeps with.

Zach’s monster is based on Rebecca Danger’s Frankie the Striped Sweater Monster pattern with a few modifications. To read about the modifications you can visit my monster’s project page onRavelry. 

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