Friday, February 17, 2012

coming to you via the kindle

So, I figured since the only times I sit at the computer is to get the bare minimum done on computer things I need to do that I would try something new. Well here I am, attempting to relax on the couch while I tap all of this out on my kindle. Smart idea, eh?

((Lets just hope that my kindle doesn't do the crazy word swaps that it loves to do on Facebook... or if it does I actually catch them.))

This whole relaxing bit is such a sham. I can't relax anymore. These stupid, stupid braxton hicks are killing me. Or we hope they're braxton hicks, because my goal is for Mason to stay put until at least March, and we have 5 more weeks until D-Day. These stupid "fake contractions" just can't make up their mind. They come regularly, but we hit the five minute mark and those suckers go random again. I've never had them this much before, and yes, I definitely plan on bringing them up Wednesday at my next appointment.

Well, this has taken FOREVER already so I will stop here for tonight.

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