Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mason’s Pregnancy Book So Far

Before I share about the milestone I’ve made in working on Mason’s pregnancy book, I should first share my Facebook post from this morning. lol It very much applies to my blog seeing as how I did my complaining here last night.

Guess who gets to look bad this morning? Last night I complained about John always sleeping late on the weekends and making me get up with the kids... today he let me sleep until 11 and he went and got donuts.

Don’t you just love it when your husband makes you out to be a liar?
That butthead…

I reached a big milestone in Mason’s pregnancy book this week! I actually have about 15 pages done for it, but this past week I filled in the blank pages in the beginning so I now have 10 pages done that go in a row! (Well nine plus the cover…)


next pages in a row:

(all are linked up to web-sized views where you can get the credits for them)

I am now on maternity leave I guess. I say I guess because as a substitute it’s not leave so much as in don’t call me to come in until sometime after I’ve had this baby. lol I really hope my mom continues to take Bella a few times a week because the two of us have been driving each other crazy when it’s just the two of us all day every day.

Now on to some bad news… I’ve lost my memory card reader. I think I need to really get on finding that…

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