Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sick boy.

sick boy - life as their mom

Mason is sick. Again.

Thursday when I picked him up after work my mom told me that Mason seemed to be feeling pretty puny and rattle-y. Then all night Thursday he kept waking both of us up with this horrible loud, deep cough, and the only way I could him to stay asleep was to prop his head up on me. Even so it was a long, long night.

Friday morning I called and got him an appointment at the doctor’s. Turns out the poor thing has an upper respiratory infection and bronchitis. I’m glad I decided to take him in instead of waiting to see if it was just a cold or something that would pass. With how quickly he seemed to get sick-sick I’d hate to think of how bad he’d have been by Monday if we waited. Of course a respiratory infection is a pretty big deal for him since it hasn’t been that long since he had pneumonia.

Then this morning, even after being on the antibiotics, he woke up with a low fever.

I’m hoping that by tomorrow, after having had two doses of the zithromax, he’s feeling a little better, if not, well, it’s a good thing I’m off all next week so that I can take him back in to see the doctor.

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