Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sick mom.

sick mom - life as their mom

I’m sick now too.


I’m too cheap and lazy to take myself in to the doctor’s. But I’m positive pretty sure hoping it’s just a cold. A bad cold. A crappy, bad, mean cold.

Yes, colds can be mean. When they strike on the week I’m off work and had big plans to have fun and go and do stuff with the kidlets they are in fact mean colds.

I bet God’s up there scratching his head, looking kinda embarrassed and going “Oh… Oh you thought you were going to be like enjoying this week off? Oh man… gosh… well… See no, I had it planned for you all to be sick this week, that’s why it was set up for you to get the week off. Man… this is awkward. Sorry.”

In ironic better news Mason and Bella both finally seem to be feeling better. So now it’s just me sick…. stuck at home with two bored and active kids.


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