Wednesday, March 6, 2013

To my dearest kidlets,

a letter to my kids - life as their mom

In your life try to be the ABC’s. Be amazed, it’ll keep life from being dull if you remember to be amazed. Be brave, life is much to short to be scared. Be creative, you don’t have to be talented but life is much enjoyable if you create. Be dreamy, dreams keep the world from going stale. Be enlightened, because being small minded is a waste of the brain you have. Be forgiving, don’t let bitterness harden you. Be giving, no matter how little you have someone else always has less. Be hilarious, even if only you think you are, life is nothing without laughter. Be independent, don’t let dependency on something define who you are. Be just, remember every story has multiple sides. Be kind, kindness given is usually returned. Be loved, find someone who will love you for who you are. Be multifaceted, always surprise people by having more to you than they first thought. Be natural, be the you that you are no artificial additives needed. Be open, don’t close yourself off to others. Be positive, remember what I said earlier about life being too short. Be quiet sometimes, listening is important. Be respectful of everyone, there is no one out there that you are better than. Be silly, it’ll help you enjoy life. Be thoughtful, decisions made too hasty can break you. Be wholehearted, doing things with half a heart is a waste of time. Be xenial, helping others is always the way to go. Be young-at-heart, growing up is no fun. Be zealous in your self-worth, people will only has as much faith in you as you do. But most importantly, be you. You’re a pretty awesome you, and I love that you that you are.

the Mom

(this post was done to complement my post today on the My Scrapbook Art blog)

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