Wednesday, February 8, 2012

(Not a bit) Wordless Wednesday

DSCN8171 copy

Let’s just put it here and here.

So, we have this big ticket question…
Where the hell have you gone Trish???

Well, no, no baby or anything like that. We can take giving birth to an adorable baby boy off the list because as the picture above (from today) shows, I am still very much pregnant. 34 weeks today to be precise. At this point, I’m feeling like I’ll be pregnant forever; it totally doesn’t matter that the two weeks between my last check up and my one today seem non-existent.

A tad bit of cuteness from over this weekend…
DSCN8136 copyDSCN8149 copy
DSCN8154 copy

Now to the not-so-cuteness…

I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been waiting to be in a better mood. Every day something happens to put me in a major pissy mood, and then I just want to get on here and not only vent it all out, but to also verbally rip into and tear apart everyone that has been pissing me off.

And no, as one friend put it, I don’t want to just always put on a happy façade. I won’t lie. I am not always a happy person. BUT. I always come to regret the very personal rants that I would post, and then they never went away. They would bring in tons of views to my old blog, but that isn’t exactly what I want people coming to my blog for.

But for brief not so pissy recap:
- People piss me off.
- My family (not John and kids) are going back and forth frustrating and pissing me off.
- John is sometimes really pissing me off.

Yes, each one involves the word “piss” but trust me, that’s way less pissy than any of the posts I’ve made about those. And extremely less than the Mommy Diary videos I made about them.

Then lets add a little insult to injury.
Parent/Teacher Conferences were last week. Zach’s conference was the first (and hopefully only) time I’ve gone into a conference and not heard a single good thing about one of my kids. And then having it be Zach… I almost expect to one day have to have a conference with one of Ryan’s teachers where nothing good is said (because he will one day outgrow the whole “but he is also so sweet and lovable.”) but I never expected it of Zach, which made it soooo much worse.

Long story short, Zach is very, very, very grounded. As he will be for a good long time.

These hormones just suck. They make every thing so much freaking worse.

Lets end on some happy notes shall we?
These came in the mail last week from my great friend Sara. I met her online on several years ago, and with our mutual love of digital scrapbooking we’ve gotten to know each other very well. I totally ((heart)) me some awesome hand-me-downs. Especially boy ones. Now I don’t feel so totally unprepared for Mason.

And hopefully this is the start of me kicking my butt out of this funk and getting back to the regularly scheduled blogging fun.

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  1. There is nothing harder than being pregnant and hormonal and having to just take care of life as usual! Hang in there. And I love your belly shot. :)