Monday, February 18, 2013

The weekend.

Friday was my mom’s birthday. We went and ate dinner with them last night and had dessert there for her birthday. She ended up getting three cakes and a pie. She’s always making treats and goodies for everyone else, so everyone felt the need to return the favor. She looks pretty good for a grandmother of four, doesn’t she?

the weekend - life as their mom

Ever since like my second day at my new job I’ve been obsessed with seeing Brave. We watched like the first thirty minutes of it in one of the classes, and I’ve been dying  to see the rest. Newer Disney stuff has been rather hit/miss at my house so we never went and saw Brave in theaters. I used some of my check to go get it Friday and the kids and I loved it. It is definitely a new favorite in our house, especially with Bella.

(image from Disney/Pixar)

And I’ll wrap this up with our dinners menu for this week.

our family menu Feb 17 - Life as Their Mom

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