Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Last year and month.

I never did my usual round up last month for 2012, so today I’ll do last year and last month’s round ups. ‘Cause ya know, I’m lazy and don’t want to do two blog posts.

In 2012 I…
took (well, saved) 2,375 photos
last year - life as their mom
scrapped about 200 pages
(I’m going by what’s on Facebook and I know some aren’t on there)
last year 2 - life as their mom
wrote 98 blog posts
created 15 illustrations
monsterpuppyillustrationfinalchristmas card - life as their mom
(to see the scrapbook pages in a larger size please go here)

In January I…

took (well, saved) 184 photos
scrapped 35 pages
wrote 7 blog posts
created 3 illustrations

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