Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Mason Sleep Journals–Nights 1&2

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Remember when I said that my goal was to get Mason sleeping through the night, without nursing and in his own bed before he turned two? Yeah… that never happened. I started working on it, but then he decided to cut in all of those pesky eye teeth and, well, it ended up not happening. On his birthday we decided that it was time. It’s time to try this for real – no excuses – and get him out of our bed. Step one is getting him to sleep through the night without nursing. I figure if we take care of that first we’ll have better luck getting him to sleep in a room (or bed) without me.

The first night. Oh man, the first night was hard. I got to bed and of course he woke up the moment I laid down next to him. I told him the same thing that I tell him at naptime and bedtime, he could nurse for five minutes and then it would be time to be done. It really went on for more like ten minutes, oh well. I said it was time to stop and go night-night now and put them away, and he cuddled in and went right back to sleep. At this point I’m thinking, man, I got this. This is going to be way easier than I thought and everyone told me. Boy, was I wrong. Thirty minutes later as I’m starting to doze off he started rooting and when that didn’t work he opened his eyes and lifted his head and said “Swee sie, Mommy. Swee sie.” I told him no, we were done for the night, so he sat up, looked at me, pointed at my chest and repeated himself. I told him no again and he told me “No mine Mommy. BOOB.” You know, in case I didn’t understand him the first several times. And it all sort of melted down from there. There was crying and leg kicking and hitting. There was flinging all over the bed. And in between all of that he would doze off for 15-20 minutes. Then he’d wake up and start all over again. This lasted until about four in the morning, or at least that’s finally when I got to fall asleep and stay asleep for about 2 hours. At six he started up again and I just let him nurse and we both slept for another 2 hours.

The second night. Honestly, I’m not quite sure how we did last night, I was just so exhausted. It started out the exact same. I know there wasn’t the same all night long fit throwing like from the night before, but he was definitely restless and moving around a lot. He also kept waking me up by trying to take them out on his own – a few times he even managed to latch on before I caught him. This tells me that I need to find a new top to sleep in. At about 5:30/6 he started crying for them again, and like the night before I just went ahead and let him nurse then. I still didn’t get a good sleep, but hey, at least I got more than I did the other night. So that’s a win, right?

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