Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 3 Gift & Days 3-6 Document December Photos

Today’s free gift is not a template.
I include my own handwriting every so often on my own scrapbook pages, which isn’t all too easy as a digital scrapbooker for the record, and for today’s gift I have a set of 8 Christmas phrases handwritten by me. It includes a PNG file for each phrase PLUS a brush set that includes a brush for each individual word so that you can mix them up or place them however you like. I figured this might give your Christmas pages (or your Document December pages) a nice little touch.

Day2-Life as Their Mom-Templates by TrishPREVEIW


Also if you have missed days one and two you can find where to download them in this post.

Day 4’s free gift will go up on the blog’s Facebook page on Wednesday.

doc_december prep image - life as their mom

Now, for days 3-6 of my Document December photos!
I am feeling so proud of myself so far. I have nine days worth of photos and five pages waiting for pictures so far. This is, sadly, the farthest I have ever gone on this. This year I decided not to be too picky about the pictures so the majority I’ve actually just been capturing with my phone and then I email them to Facebook and my email so when I get home every day all I have to do is look in those places and I have pictures ready and waiting for me!


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